Order your Thanksgiving Smoked Turkey Today!!
Ave 20#/ $60.00
Pickup 11am Thanksgiving Day!
Call for details 438.0223

Monthly Specials                                                                             

 - Pizza of the Month-      
OUR  Award-Winning Zombie Pizza !   -Our best selling pizza-of-the-month!
Ranch Sauce, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Spinach- Cheese- Pepperoni- Bacon and Diced Tomato 
Garnished w/ Shredded Parmesan Cheese 
Try it with a garlic-buttercheese Crust


Pepperoni Lovers

Loaded w/ our premium sliced Pepperoni, our chopped Pepperoni and Extra Cheese!

Name your Combo!    

Benny's Daily Double: 2 Medium Pizzas (Up to 5 toppings between them) for just $19.99

Family Combo: 2 Large Pizzas (Up to 5 toppings between them) for just $24.99


 the 10 for 10 Chicken Special

 10 pieces of ALL DARK Broaster Chicken!
  Just $10